• Shelby Hollett

Chimney Valley Club Report

Chimney Valley MARCH Update🍀 Hi, My name is Shelby Hollett and I am one of the club reporters for the Chimney Valley club. March was very busy with activities including fundraising at the TRU Gala , new 4-H club jackets, getting our projects and the up coming club speeches and demos. First of all the TRU gala was amazing. We fundraised by providing coat check, valet parking, and a safe ride home. The decorations were amazing, everyone was so nice and polite and it was set up very nice. The gala is always one of my favorite times of year. We also got are new club jackets which I think look awesome and I wear mine all the time. They are very warm. They are green and grey with the 4-H logo on the front. We also have sweatshirts and the colours they come in are pink, green and grey and they also are very warm. Also some members are getting their small animal projects this month such as swine. Last but not least we have been preparing for club speeches and demos coming up on April 14. Happy Easter🐰🌸

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