• Henry Stafford

Springhouse 4-H Club Report

Hi my name is Henry Stafford. I am the press reporter for Springhouse 4-h club. This year our club has beef, swine ,sheep and cloverbuds. We had our first club meeting in January. Springhouse 4-h club has been running for 61 years. We have some old and new leader. Our A leader is Ross S. and B leader is Lyn S. We have a new beef leader Kerri M. Her assistant leaders are Shawn and Ross. Swine is Sue with Tasha, sheep is Cherri, and cloverbuds is Dorreen with Kyla as a assistant. We are looking forward to our year as a club, and can’t wait to see all the other leaders and member from other clubs. I hope everyone has a good year. Henry Stafford

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